Name: kail
Age: 18

Race: saiyan/hedgehog

Birthplace: Atlantis Edit

Famil: sam carter(adopted mother),dr Daniel jackson(adpoted uncle), jack(apdoted father),teal'c(apdoted uncle, george hammoned(apdoted grandfather, kimoko (wife), fasha (wife) john sheppard (stepfather), akeno (wife)

attacks and transformation: super saiyan,super saiyan 2,super saiyan 3, ,shock wave , darkness karmehameha, darkness god flash wave, dragon form

Likes: his family

Dislike: friends and family getting hurt


super saiyan: ☀

super saiyan 2: ☀

super saiyan 3: ☀

dark super saiyan: ☀

dark super saiyan 2:☀

dark super saiyan 3: ☀

==photos== Edit

Kail first appernce
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