Kimoko is a saiyan - temptress and she is a teacher and a hoe

2nd kimoko

love interestEdit


omega(true husband)

and 100 googolplex men

personality Edit

she has a very dirty mind she went into a hot spring and played with herself she teached a class with boys and did all of them she will do any boy and she stayed in a town of mostly boys for 10 years with no clothes and did them all and wanted more she hates other girls because wants to all the boys she meets she hate her daughters she gets her sons and daughter do each other and she gives her students test she goes one on one test with boys and give them easy questions but girls very hard and she tries to get the females expelled or sent to a different class also when she fights she uses her body to win and she lives on a planet with monsters. She has no shame about hardly any clothes on


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