Yu gi oh 5dx's

yugioh 5dx's is all about the duel academy and it is set in 15 years after z-one was defeated 

reason of this storyEdit

I made this story because i was bored


Raphael Meiyo son of Rakaia and Luna

Lan Anderson son Jesse and Sega

Jenny Rhodes daughter of omega and alexis

Javik Yuki son of seika and jaden

Eric Princeton son of chazz and Blair

Emily truedale daughter of syrus and Mindy

Garrus son of hassleberry and samara

Kaiden Rhodes of Atticus and Isabella

Thane Truedale son of Zane and Tali

Asher phoenix son of aster and Kasumi

mordin fudo son of yusei and akiza

Jake atlas son of Jack and Carly

Jayden Hogan son of crow and dove

Patrick Kessler son of misty and kalian

Dylan son of trudge and Mina

Jaden Yuki


Shadow signers





Joseph Bertrand



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